Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Norwegians love Twin Peaks

Turns out almost all Norwegians like the show Twin Peaks. While I find that kind of funny, and had previously thought it was just the Japanese, I consider myself a fairly enterprising young man and lately it has become kind of convenient.

Now when people notice my accent and ask where I am from, I can very efficiently evoke images of nice mountains, dark woods and strange people--all fairly appropriate for my hometown.

They are often disappointed when I tell them the real name of the town, 'Snoqualmie', which is a word that not many norwegians can pronounce. But this disappointment is quickly brushed off with an excited, 'wow, I can't believe you are from Twin Peaks!' And then they shower me with party invitations, employment, pickled herring and the like. So it's doing me some good. If I'm feeling especially in need I might mention that the opening credits were filmed a mere 200 meters from the house a grew up in. That's gotta at least be good for a blow job or something.