Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Spent last weekend at Michael's cabin in Nordmarka (the woods immediately north of Oslo.) The occasion was Krepsival--Ane and Michael's second-annual crawdad-fishin' extravaganza--and Claire san's departure back to the world of microbrews and thai food. I met Ane at her apartment on Friday and we hopped on the secret train that plunges straight into the woods from the city. We took it for about an hour, and then hopped off to meet our friends who would drive us the rest of the way to the cabin.

Gjerdingen from the water.

The cabin is on a penninsula in a lake, and the plan was to set out pots with bait on Friday afternoon and then collect the poor little bastard crawdads that got stuck in them in two shifts: one in the middle of the night and once the next morning. I bailed on the night shift in favor of cozy sleeping, and went instead the next morning. It had begun to rain (again) but it was actually kind of nice.

celebrating the catch with a gruppebilde

After bringing in our catch we retired to the kitchen. Claire and I made delicious butternut squash curry soup while Michael headed up the job of boiling our 110 new little friends. Afterwards it was lunch, naptime, cocktail hour and then the crawdad feast and general merriment.

On Sunday we went hiking/sheep chasing and then ate more delicious food before heading back to the city.


Scott Pendleton said...

It depresses me to know that somewhere, people seem to enjoy crawdads without hot sauce. Truly the moral fiber of the world is weakening.

Little Yeti said...

Jesus, that looks like a party!

Carie said...

And I was beginning to get the impression that there is no decent food in Northern Europe. Fresh crawdads! Awesome.

Carie said...

David, you have now been out of Norway for some time now. Time to update your blog. And send me some photos from Alpental. Go kiss the mountains for me.