Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hemsedal Deuce

Went back to Hemsedal this weekend with the same guys plus Norway's own 'powder expert' Jens, who happens to ski some really nice tele even in manky conditions.

On Saturday we went touring to the top of Skogshorn, which was fun. I love that in this country you can just park your car above treeline and ski nothing but open, sexy slopes the whole day.


It was perfect weather until we got to the top, where is was blowing wind like hell and freezing cold. Fog moved in right after I got there so I only got to enjoy the view for a minute.

On the way down I didn't pay enough respect the variability of the snow, and ended up breaking my face. I was gleefully skiing a line that had been good snow up high, but then suddenly became breakable crust and I crossed a tip. The fall wasn't anything too spectacular, but my pole somehow managed to hit and break my front tooth in half (karma for the earlier comment about park rats?) Anyway, shit, this is probably going to be expensive...

Today we skied on the 'Lillematterhorn', which would have been a lot more epic if so many others hadn't thought of it first. We then skied the same chute as last time and finished with some steep runs in the Hemsedal ski area. Didn't take many pictures today so I'll post a few from last time.

I think this is me trying a grab...hahaha.

Bent is much cooler.

and me, liking this Norway business


Little Yeti said...


You don't need to fix it. You look charming.

Way to represent the states, you hillbilly.


yeah i think it's a real hit with the ladies...

i already got it fixed yesterday. it's a different shape though so i am going back in a week with a picture of my old teefs so she can make the shapes right.

think you could photoshop me some fangs or something?

Scott Pendleton said...

Bitchin'. All I gotta say about that.



RickB said...

Nice one - I've the same tooth busted since I was 17. Got it fixed several times, just been livin' with it for the past 10 - 15 years tho.
Maybe the stuff they're using now lasts longer? Might try it out again.

Tip: use the boards you clamp on your feet, skiing that way is better & faster than on your face!


ha, i'll give that a try next time!