Sunday, March 1, 2009


Spent the weekend in Göteborg, Sweden visiting my friend Fredrik and his girlfriend. They have a nice apartment on a hill overlooking the city, and were nice enough to feed us delicious food and wine for the weekend.

Göteborg is only 4 hours' bus ride from Oslo, but it felt like a completely different place. Oslo has 2 feet of snow in the city and the fjord is frozen, while in Göteborg the snow has melted and it even felt kind of warm. We did go iceskating, which was more fun than I remembered it being. Maybe because we spiced it up with racing and mad triple ax--err, 360's...

It was good to see Fredrik again though, and also fun to practice understanding Swedish. They didn't switch to English at all for the whole weekend, so I definitely had to be on my game the whole time. It's for the best though: there are only 4.5 million Norwegians, so if I can fluently converse with Swedish people then that makes it 9 million people less worthless that I speak Norwegian. Sweet.


Scott Pendleton said...

So you're learning a language that only 4.5 million people use, and is really similar (minus the shouting) to a langauge that 9 other million people use?

I guess I can get behind that. Still more useful than learning latin.


i would call it 'singing' more than shouting; norwegian has a really pronounced melody with the up and down tones.

norwegian is actually more closely related to danish than swedish, but i have my doubts about ever fluently understanding spoken danish. to me it sounds like a 'meaningless series of gutteral sounds'. here is a funny clip of norwegians (as usual) making fun of the danish: