Sunday, February 22, 2009


My friend Gregers invited me for a weekend skiing in Hemsedal, where he has a camper trailer. There was no way I could resist the opportunity, considering it involved both being trailer trash (which I'll add has been fully adopted into the Norwegian language) and backcountry skiing. Sweet. It's about 3 hours' drive from Oslo, but the time passed quickly with shit talking and good music.

The first day we did several long, tree runs in the backcountry and hiked up one peak for a nice powdery bowl. The light was a little flat though, and it started snowing pretty hard as the day went on so we hit the 'after ski' for beers at about 4:30. It was my initiation to Norwegian after ski, and I've gotta say that I am definitely a fan. It's not like the garish idea of après ski that I had in mind, but more just a big post-ski-happy-hour where everyone clunks into the pub in their ski boots for beer. There was a live cover band, random SKÅÅÅÅÅL-sessions and plenty of drunk Norwegians dancing on tables in the aforementioned ski boots. Good times.

Today we got up a bit earlier to hit the powder, and did a couple of steep in-bounds runs before the crowds showed up. Then we hit some more backcountry and had a really awesome day of it. Oh, the Fluffy.
Gregers looks for the entry while Bent demonstates
some high-wind-snowboard pissing.

We skied from the upper left into this photo;
If you look closely (left of center in the shade) you can see the fracture line from a
Sluffalanche that I started when I dropped into the bowl.

I didn't take many pictures on my camera, but Gregers allegedly got some good action shots including some airborne Davids.


Scott Pendleton said...

Ok, the picture of the whole thing looks like a couloir. From the top it really didn't look like it. Maybe I was just a little biased because Jeannie managed to scoop you by like an hour with something much more extreme.


yeah definitely. i think i give jason's line the old 'fuck that shit'.

Carie said...

Looks awesome, David.

Little Yeti said...


that looks awesome! Nice job.

Scott Pendleton said...

Yeah, what you did looks a lot more fun.