Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Fun

Started out the weekend right by taking a 'fredagspils' (~happy hour) with several of the guys from work. I think my boss must be hiring people based soley on how funny they are, because everyone i work with is absolutely hilarious.

On Saturday I went for a ski tour to my friend's cabin in Nordmarka (the woods bordering the city to the north.) It's the same place where we celebrated the new year, but this time we only skied in for the day. The weather was absolutely perfect, with clear skies, powder snow and tolerable temperatures (just a few 'kuldegrader'.) The days are a lot longer now too, so our fatty fat late start didn't hurt us.

At the cabin we made soup and pillaged the cellar for some beers. Then after lunch I practiced some flips off the deck railing. I have been tempted lately to do some (purposeful) flips on skis, so practicing the motion with soft landings was nice. Now I just need to call my mom and have her send me my ski helmet :-)


Scott Pendleton said...

Yay pictures!

Who are you kidding, trying to learn flips and park tricks on skis at your age? You're way too old to learn that shit. You have to begin doing that at like age 8 before your survival instinct matures.

Little Yeti said...

I'm seconding "yay, pictures!"

Looks lovely. And keep up those flips. Flips are hot.